The purpose of Hasseltange Brand Development is to create and market branded products and services. The primary sector of attention for the company is wrist watches in all price segments from ‘over-the-counter’ to luxury timepieces. However, the company is open to engage within any product or service sector, eg fashion brands, and the hospitality sector.

The company's activities in terms of creation entails developing new branded products and services from concept to sellable product or service. Please read about planned or on-going activities in the Projects section.

As regards marketing, the company is aiming to serve as agent for existing branded products and services that wish to gain market shares in the Scandinavian countries - Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Please read about Hasseltange Brand Development’s value proposition in the Agent section.

I should be delighted to assist in turning your brand into a star in one or more of the Scandinavian markets.

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