Denmark is my home market. As I am based in the greater Copenhagen capital area I am able to cover all commercial focal points in the market as may be relevant for your product or service in question.

Sweden is connected to Denmark by bridge from Copenhagen to Malmö, which not only grants easy access to the market but has almost rendered southern Sweden an integrated business region of Denmark and vice-versa. Being a near-native speaker of Swedish language and having developed valuable knowledge about the market structure and culture during my career, I am able to efficiently represent your brand in this vast and commercially dispersed market. Denmark and Sweden are both members of the European Union.

Hasseltange Brand Development is honoured to assist in marketing your branded product or service on the Scandinavian market – Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

Norway is a market operating by its own rules, but as part of the European Free Trade Area it enjoys free market transactions with the European Union. In other job functions, I have travelled extensively in Norway, which has not only developed my knowledge of the culture but also a very high proficiency in Norwegian language. This is your guarantee that your brand will find its way to relevant consumers in a market with stretches more than 1,700 kilometres from the southern tip to the north beyond the Arctic Circle.

Based on experience in sales and marketing gained through my commercial career, I am able to assist you, and the retailers or service providers you are targeting, in efficiently using all relevant marketing channels – both social and online media, and print media – in attracting attention to your brand.

I look forward to helping you succeed in widening the geographical reach of your brand.

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